Youth Umpires Wanted!

UpdatedMonday February 10, 2020 bySilver State Cal Ripken.

We are eager to begin a new baseball season!  For years our league has taught our youth the skills of baseball as well as lifelong skills such as teamwork, dedication, etc., which is why we are very excited to present a new opportunity this year that empowers our youth to make a positive influence in our community while they grow in leadership, responsibility, and many other skills.  This year, we are encouraging current and past players (ages 12-18) to become umpires for lower level games.  Any interested adults are also welcome to participate.

To prepare those who are interested, we will be offering an umpire’s clinic and ongoing evaluation that covers the basic techniques of umpiring. This is not a certification class.  As adolescents (ages 12+) demonstrate a good understanding of the rules and techniques, they will become eligible to umpire AA games, subject to board approval.  Youth umpires ages 12-14 will be eligible to umpire AA games in pairs.  Youth umpires 14+ may umpire AA games alone and Minor games along with a certified umpire.  Protective gear will be available for uncertified umpires as needed.  Only certified umpires will umpire Major & Babe Ruth Games.  Certified umpires are also preferred for Minors.  Certified umpires will be paid $50/game.  Uncertified/youth umpires will be paid $25/game.

Umpire Clinics will be held at North Valleys Regional Park on the following dates:

Sunday, March 1st from 12:30-3:00pm and

Tuesday, March 3rd from 6-8:30pm

*Clinic dates, times, and locations are subject to change and are weather permitting.

Youth Umpires are asked to attend one of these dates to get started and learn the basics. After that, there will be opportunities for them to umpire during some scrimmages. During this time they will be shadowed by a certified umpire. 

Such youth training has had success in other leagues around the country, so we are excited to bring it to our league now.  Plus, it may provide a skill to keep people connected to the game of baseball long after their playing days are done.  As a point of emphasis, there will be a ZERO tolerance policy for harassing or hazing any umpire in or visiting our league.  Any harassment will result in immediate action and possible suspension of parent and player from the league. Please review our Manager, Parent, and Player Codes of Conduct for an explanation of action that will be taken in case of harassment.

Again, we are super thrilled to offer this opportunity for our players and our league.  If you are interested or know someone that would be interested, email Jason Knight, SSCR Vice President at